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    Honda Motorcycle Repair Manual
    Due to the rising concerns over the environmental quality as well as the imposition of emission laws, Honda decided to focus more on producing greener motorcycles. In the field of producing motorcycles which have lesser emissions or in compliance to environmental laws, the Honda Company simply surfaces to be the one who cares most about preserving nature. In order to make cleaner motorcycle models possible, Honda branches around the world added more units in their production of 4-stroke motorcycles with lower displacements. You should start re-educating yourself if you are used to riding big bikes with displacements exceeding 400cc because now is not about speed and power, it's all about economy and practicality.

    If we are to check the motorcycle repair manuals of the recent Honda motorcycle models, we will find out that their features are indeed intended to comply with environmental safety standards. Some of the popular Honda green motorcycles that are being manufactured around the globe today are Honda XRM from the Philippine branches which have 125cc and comply with the Euro 2 gas emission standard. This model is under the category of underbone motorcycles whose engine is being held under a single metal frame only. Honda actually has a wide range of underbone models varying from 100cc-150cc. Other recognized motorcycle units are the Honda dash 110, Honda nice 110, and Honda sonic 125cc-15-cc from Thailand. In the Philippines, Honda XRM is the most popular. No underbone motorcycle brand was able to surpass the market sales of the Honda XRM in the said country since the time it went into full production. There are also the Honda wave 110cc-125cc, and Honda dash 110cc.

    Moreover, Honda is known to have the most affordable price range and for motorcycles and the most durable among the big 4. The big 4 is composed of top Japanese motorcycle brands including Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha. In addition, the instructions from the Honda motorcycle repair manuals are more user-friendly and even non motorcycle enthusiast can easily understand. Simple and understandable Honda motorcycle repair manuals are not the end of it. Honda also offers very affordable aftermarket parts for their green underbone motorcycles. The units are designed in such a way that the owners can still choose on a wide variety of modifications to make their models more unique.

    It is also very important to know the importance of checking the Honda motorcycle repair manual every time you purchase a new unit. There are actually some people who do not care about looking at the manual because they are always more concerned on bringing their newly bought motorcycles to race on the street. This should not be the case. It is highly advised to take the instructions and specifications found in Honda motorcycle repair manuals into consideration because troubles and accidents may arise if you fail to do so. For instance, there are specific types of oils and gasoline to be used to specific units. The usage of other brands and specification outside what is written in the Honda motorcycle repair manual can seriously damage the engine or other parts.

    The History of the Honda VTR1000
    The Honda VTR1000F Specifications.

    Top Speed: 144 MPH
    Power: 97BHP
    Weight: 193Kg
    Petrol Capacity: 19 litres
    Petrol Consumption: 35MPG
    Range of Petrol: 146 miles

    The quality of the VTR1000F would range around 4/5 stars. It's well built and sturdy body was highly acclaimed with the only downfalls being the cam chain tensioners, failing water pumps and corroding downpipes. Though, with the Honda VTR1000 Firestorm the experience can be trouble free as long as the owner ensures a good service clean every so often.

    The Engine: The VTR1000F Firestorm was equipped with a 1000cc engine. Many bikers were very happy with the low to mid range roar the bike spat out during riding. The 1000cc engine provided an all around good ratio to many aspects of the biking experience.

    The Handling: The VTR1000F has many complaints with the handling from forks driving to much all the way to the breaks stopping to suddenly as if every rider had a lead foot. Though, this was all changed in the year 2001 for the happiness of the consumer. The good news is that the VTR1000F was very stable at high speeds and it could easily manoeuvre through hills and trails.

    The Improvements (2001-2005)

    The biggest improvements came in 2001 which took the VTR1000F to the top of riders most respected motorcycles. A large improvement that won over bikers enthusiasm was the fact that the new petrol tank could hold between 16 and 19 liters. This helped to give bikers the confidence needed to be able to bike long distances or enjoy short but sweet trail rides. The VTR1000F is stylish sport bike that is prepared to take a tour when a biker so chooses.

    Before 2001 the most hated feature of the Honda VTR1000F seemed to be the front forks. Many internal modifications to the front forks took place to improve both ride conditions and an improved stability while riding. Less steeply raked clip-on bars meant everywhere from the first ride to the last would be a smooth journey from the grocery store to a cross country trip.

    A futuristic feature was added to the Honda VTR1000F such as the LCD display screen. The equipped display can read the petrol level, the temperature of the engine, double trip meters, an odometer and even a clock. Another top of the line standard that was added in 2001 was the Honda Ignition Security System (HISS). In America, the Honda VTR1000F never received the 16 liter petrol tank upgrade.

    The Honda VTR1000F Closer

    The Honda VTR1000F is styled with a sport bike appeal that fits perfect with its glossed paint job. The improvements that later came to this bike were much needed for both safety and customer satisfaction. The Honda VTR1000F lasted in bikers memory for just under a decade. Though, these can be spotted every once in awhile on the open road. If you are lucky enough to own the Honda VTR1000 Firestorm be sure to take special care of it for the next generation to gaze upon.

    How To Get Better Performance Out Of Your Honda Motorcycle In 5 Easy Steps

    A Honda motorcycle is a great bike to own so you'll want to
    make sure you get the best performance out of it while ensuring it will
    last you for a very long time. If you take care of your motorcycle it
    isn't hard to keep it in pristine running
    condition. There is a series of steps you can take to make
    sure that you get optimal performance out of your Honda Motorcycle.

    Below are five steps you can follow to optimize your bikes performance.
    Granted the performance is superb when you first bought it, so
    you'll want to maintain that high quality.

    1. Buy a set of great tires based on your
    riding needs. Where racing tires are designed to give you the
    best hold on the road, they may not last as long of a time.
    They are also designed to work better at specific temperatures such as
    those on the race track. If the road temperatures are below
    what the tires are made for, then you can have big problems.
    Despite the fact that those who make racing tires are designing tires
    for various different types of sport riding, you want your tires to be
    tailored to your riding habits. Street tires, on the other
    hand are pretty self-explanatory. They are made for street
    and highway riding and will yield a longer life than a sport tire.

    2. The second step is to maintain your
    suspension. Proper suspension maintenance is very important
    to ensure that you are safe when riding and will provide you with a
    bike that handles well on the road and gives you the feeling that you
    are one with your bike. You will become more perceptive when
    riding while knowing the modifications you have done are relatively
    cheap or can be done at no cost at all.

    3. Indexing your spark plugs is another
    step you can take. This should give you approx. one more
    horse in the area of horsepower. What you want to do is take
    the open end (called the gap) of your spark plug terminal and place it
    toward the intake of the head. Simply make a mark where the
    gap is and put your spark plug in its proper space like
    normal. Just do the best you can to line up the mark you made
    with the intake side. To be safe you may want to buy two sets
    of spark plugs in case you can't get it the first time, and
    if you succeed in installing them the first try you will have an extra
    set for when they need to be changed.

    4. Use synthetic oil in your Honda
    motorcycle. Using synthetic oil can pick you up around 1-2
    horsepower. Synthetic oil reduces engine friction, improve
    engine efficiency, and as a result can make your baby go that much

    5. The fifth step is to insulate those
    fuel lines. The cooler your fuel is the more power you
    get. Purchasing something as simple as insulation used in air
    conditioners can do the job and you can even insulate the intake arm to
    increase the effect.

    Take these steps into consideration when optimizing the performance of
    your Honda motorcycle. Honda is known for great performance
    and although they already perform great it doesn't hurt to do
    a few tweaks here and there to make it run better. Besides, anything
    and everything can be made better than what it is by a few innovative
    modifications here and there. It also adds a bit of
    individuality to your motorcycle that makes it fit you like a glove.

    History of the Honda CB 100

    The Honda CB 100 (Super Sport 100) was a basic commuter motorcycle launched all the way back in 1970, with manufacture continuing until only 1972. However, in those 3 years this basic bike became an international favourite as a dependable, frugal town or city bike. The basic chassis and design of the bike was not revolutionary, since it followed the earlier CB bikes. In fact, clones of the CB 100 have continued to dominate many countries in some parts of the world, thanks to its simplicity and dependability.

    At the heart of the Honda CB 100 is a basic air cooled, single cylinder, 4 stroke 99cc engine. It produced just 11 hp at 8000 rpm, but this was enough power for a lightweight commuter bike with a kerb weight of just over 200 pounds. With a good rider and long stretch of road, the CB 100 could touch top speeds nearing 70 mph. However, since the CB 100 carried only basic expanding shoe brakes on both 18 inch wheels, this was fast enough for safe riding! The CB 100 functioned very well in small, overcrowded roads, where this small Honda could effortlessly zip past clogged traffic.

    The CB 100 engine came with Honda's own forced wet sump lubrication system that made maintenance a breeze. A 5 speed transmission used a wet multi-plate clutch system for easy operation on crowded city streets, which require a high number of gear changes even during short rides. Designed for basic run-arounds, the Honda CB 100 had a basic, comfortable seat and adequate suspension for level city streets. Even with a tank having a fuel capacity of just over 2 gallons, the Honda CB 100 required surprisingly few refills, thanks to the frugal 99cc engine and light chassis. In real riding conditions, the CB 100 returned figures between 80 and 95 mpg, making it an affordable, practical ride.

    During the 3 years of production, there were some cosmetic changes made to each year's production, but no major technical modifications. For many Honda enthusiasts, the 1972 model is the best looking, with its white tank, side cover with tasteful color inserts, and loads of chrome. However, you can still find earlier models in parts of the UK, while riders in some parts of Asia are happy to buy exact clones manufactured locally. With the right quality of genuine spare parts, the Honda CB 100 is still a great little commuter bike that promises little, but delivers more.

    Honda Bikes Are High In Performance

    In every thirty seconds one Honda bike is been sold. It is one of the greater performance offering bike and has set a standard across the world. The Honda Splendor and Honda Passion are demanded more, as they have excellent features and stylish design which gives high speed performance. They are known as the muscular bike which gives great look to men when riding on these spectacular and passionate rides.

    Honda bikes are the great invention, as the new technology took place there were modifications in various models which lead them to be among the highest manufacturer across the country. The appearance is awesome which gives masculine looks and hence they are the best when buying high performance bikes. The bikes are very cool, and required less maintenance if you have cared properly right from the time you bought. They are good in fuel efficiency, amazing mileage and effective mechanism are the key features of these wonderful vehicles.

    Honda is well known for providing proper maintenance, as they have schedule when to service the bike at limited warranty period. If any problems regarding to its parts or any damage to the bike occur, there is replacement on such things if it comes in the limited period. They offer you the guide book which includes how to maintain the bike, safety measures, braking systems, how to use riding gear, how to sit on bike with correct posture, proper balancing on the bike and many more which are essential while riding on the bike. The idea of providing the guide book, is to make aware of each small thing which is very important for the rider to know before riding on them.

    They are well known for amazing engines used in the bike, which enhances the speed of the bike very efficiently. Following are the top three bikes which were ranked in the top five touring bikes, which are great in speed: -

    - St 1100 Pan - European STD and CBS - ABS with TCS 2000: - This bike delivers top speed at 142.3 miles / hr. They got scored 79. 9 out of 100 as when compared with the other models. This bike gives 7500 rotations / min at the rate of 100 horsepower. It comes with gear box of 5 speed, cooling system and electric starter. It weighs around 632.7 pounds and has height of 31.5 inches. It includes both rear brakes and front brakes, which are attached to the single disc and dual disc. The fuel tank can fill up to 7.4 gallons. They scored 93 in problem free driving and are very much reliable. They are available in black, blue and red in color.

    - VF 1000 F 2 1987: - VF 1000s have top speed of 144.2 miles / hr along with V4 engine which gives 100 hp at a rotation of 9500 / min. It weighs 610 pounds, has amazing liquid cooling system with incredible driving transmission. The fuel tank can be filled up to 6.08 gallons, so that driving for long period will be fun. The front brakes are dual disc, whereas the rear brakes are single disc. Even though it includes all the quality features and amazing looks, it scored only 64.5 out of 100.

    - V F 1000 F 2 1986: - VF 1000 F 2 has got score 70.5 out of 100 and is slightly better at consumer ratings. The features and the specification for these motorcycles are similar to the 1987 model of Honda. The 1988 bike got more 15 marks in looks and design from 1987 model, in racing 1987 got 6 marks more than 1986, whereas in maintenance 1987 models got 18 marks less then 1986 and in touring capabilities 1986 scored 2.3 marks less that 1987 model.

    The History of the Honda CB1100
    Honda CB1100 (1980 to 1983).

    The first Honda CB1100 was launched in 1980 and received immense popularity due to its powerful engine schematics, notable handling as well as the promulgation of a visibly comfortable riding experience. In essence, termed as a sports bike, the original CB1100 featured an in-line four stroke, air cooled (4 valves per cylinder) DOHC engine with a displacement rating of 1062 CC. On the other hand, it had a bore value of 70 mm as well as stroke value of 69 mm in conjunction with a compression ratio of about 9.7 to 1.

    Consequently, in accordance with such a powerful engine, the CB1100 had the ability to produce 110 Horse Power at about 8500 revolutions per minute which meant that it could effortlessly accelerate to a top speed of about 128 miles per hour. On the other hand, acceleration was further enhanced because of the incorporation of a 5 speed chain transmission gearbox that allowed the CB1100's rider to shift smoothly from one gear level to another.

    On the other hand, the Honda CB1100 was also fitted with a commendable suspension system that not only allowed for exceptional handling at high speeds but also resulted in an extremely comfortable riding experience. The front tire dimensions were measurable at 100/90-18 whereas the rear tire dimensions measured at 130/90-17. In terms of braking power, the CB1100 had a dual disc braking unit within its front tire as well as a single disc braking unit within the rear tire. In essence, these two units were able to provide ample braking power allowing the rider to slow down the bike easily and effortlessly.

    Lastly, the CB1100 also had a large fuel capacity of about 20 liters which was another plus point since one could get excellent mileage out of it.

    Honda CB1100 (2000-2003)

    After the first version of Honda CB1100 was manufactured and produced from 1980-1983. The Honda Motor Company released a brand new version of the CB1100 during the year 2000 and its production continued until 2003. In essence, the latter model was inherently different from its predecessor in terms of its physical exterior, design and styling. The new Honda CB1100 had a slightly more rugged outlook as well as an old school Harley look to it which is why it became so popular amongst local as well as international consumers particularly in Australia. On the other hand, there were also slight modifications in terms of engine schematics and most experts agreed that the newer version of the CB1100 outclassed the latter one easily.

    Fundamentally, the new Honda CB1100 featured a liquid cooled, four stroke, in-line four cylinder engine with a displacement capacity of 1140 CC. On the other hand, it had a bore value of about 73.5 mm as well as a stroke value of 67.2 mm. Also, the CB1100 had a compression ratio of about 9.5 to 1 which was similar to its predecessor. Another similarity that the new Honda CB1100 shared with the 1983 Honda CB1100 was the fact that both were fitted with a five speed chain drive gear box. However, the wheelbase of the 2000 Honda CB1100 was about 1490 mm whereas the trail was approximately 775 mm. This inherently allowed the Honda CB1100 (2000 model) to provide more stability particularly at high speeds.

    On the other hand, the front tires comprised of Dunlop D205 110/80R18 whereas the rear tires consisted of 140/70R18. Similarly, the wet weight of the new CB1100 was about 247 kilograms, slightly on the heavier side although this did not have any impact whatsoever upon the overall engine performance of the bike in terms of speed and acceleration. Lastly, in terms of mileage the 2000 CB1100 was slightly expensive with a fuel consumption rating of about 6 liters per 100 kilometers. However, motorcycle enthusiasts fell in love with the rugged stylish outlook of the 2000 Honda CB1100 as well as its commendable performance.

    Honda NX650 Dominator
    Honda NX650 Dominator is a dual sport bike that can be used in traveling ON and also OFF road. It was introduced in 1988 and since then sold with few modifications to 2001 when Honda decided to discontinue the line.

    When entering the market, Dominator had 13L tank and a rear drum brake. This version was placed on US market. However few years later Honda upgraded rear brake to disc and tank to 16L. This version was for European market and is rare on American market.

    In 1995/6 production was relocated to Italian factory. Dominator changed design for modern but is was also "cheaper" - parts used were lower quality. Few thing were downgraded in compare to japan model.

    In addition to the NX 650, there were also NX125, NX250, NX350, NX400 and NX500 variations. The NX350 Sahara was produced in Brazil until 1999, when it was replaced with the NX400 Falcon model. This last motorcycle was also produced in Brazil from 1999 to 2009, when it was discontinued.

    This is short story. Now the facts:

    ON Road Dominator is capable of riding with speed up to 150kph and more, but riding above 100kph (about 4500rpm) is not comfortable. Engine starts to roar loud and without any additional deflectors it's hard to turn head (especially when in enduro helmet). Sure, it can be done - but what for:) Short 130kph cruises won't hurt him, but it's not mean to use like sport bike or cruiser.

    City riding is something easily done. It handles very well, have good sneaking ability and rides fast.
    It easily beats those racing machines in making the way to pole-position. 21" front wheel is good to climb on curbs. It's pure fun to use it this way.

    OFF Road can be done with reasonable mind. Using back road to get short cut? Why not! Dual sport tires provides enough traction to handle most road when dry. Mud and dirt can be passed occasionally, but with knobby tires it's much easier. Dommi will take you whenever you want to go and wherever you want to be. Torque is provided in from low rpms and thus with good balancing enough traction is provided to climb almost any hills.

    Overall this bike is one of its kind. Can be used equally On and Off road and most important thing: it's reliable! Engine with some minor modification was used from 1985, and there is a reason for that. It's the same engine used in Honda XR650L because it's dry sump and air cooled and can do about 50 000km on one piston. Just put another one, and another 50 000 can be done. Oil changes are short - 3000km as manual says. But is easy and can be done in a parking lot.

    I can suggest this bike for everyone, even novice.

    Sport Bike Specific Honda Motorbike Insurance

    By Wesley Swatlovski
    Don't get me wrong, I love my Honda CBR1000, but statistically speaking, my kind of bike is more prone to accidents than any other kind of motorbike, and that means Honda Motorbike Insurance is exceptionally important to me.

    These bikes, known as street bikes, sports bikes and sometimes "crotch rockets" are built for the track, even though some never see the paces. They are incredibly powerful and many have top speeds that rival race cars. When this power exceeds the rider's ability or traffic conditions, serious stuff can happen. Stuff that means your Honda motorbike insurance had better be quality and in order.

    Here are some sports bike specific factors to keep in mind when getting your Honda motorbike insurance policy.

    If you have done any customization to the bike, especially anything that has added value to the bike itself, be sure to let your Honda motorbike insurance company know. You don't want to find out after the damage is done that your sweet new exhaust isn't covered.

    Modifications that affect performance, street legality, or any that might change or affect the handling or mobility of the bike in any way should also be declared to the company. It is a sad fact of the insurance claims game that if the company is going to be asked to shell out a ton of money for a claim, they are going to look pretty hard for any reason to deny the claim.

    There is also racing insurance for those of you that are lucky enough to participate in road racing or track days. Street insurance specifically excludes racing, speed tests, and anything like that. Count on the Honda motorbike insurance company to find out about these situations. You can also get cover that is solely for race bikes or track bikes. You just have to look around and ask questions.
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